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EarlyBird product decisions and roadmap

EarlyBird product decisions and roadmap


The development of EarlyBird as a product is a meticulous process executed by a close-knit team with utmost attention to detail. View the public roadmap.

How we make product decisions

At EarlyBird, we understand that our product is only as good as the decisions we make. That's why we take a data-driven approach to product development. We gather and analyze data from various sources, including user feedback, market research, and analytics.

This approach helps us understand our users' needs and pain points, as well as identify trends in the market. We then use this information to prioritize new features and make informed decisions about the direction of our product. Additionally, we consider each feature's potential impact and feasibility before deciding to move forward with development. By following this approach, we aim to ensure that every decision we make will improve the experience for all our existing and future users.

Please read our changelog to get a gist of our product development journey.

Feature requests

We value our users' feedback and are always open to hearing about new feature ideas. Our users are the best inspiration for improving our product. We encourage our users to send us their suggestions and ideas. If you have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see in EarlyBird, please email us at support[at] Our team will review all feature requests, evaluate them, and will consider the best when planning future updates to our platform. We strive to make EarlyBird the best it can be for all our users, and we appreciate your input.

Why haven't you built the X feature yet?

As mentioned earlier, we prioritize feature development based on several factors, including user feedback, market research, and each feature's potential impact and feasibility. While we may be unable to build every feature requested by our users, we consider all suggestions and prioritize the most popular and impactful ideas. However, sometimes there may be technical or resource constraints that prevent us from implementing specific features. In those cases, we will do our best to provide alternative solutions or official workarounds.

When will you add the X feature?

We understand that waiting for a new feature can be frustrating, but we want to ensure that we deliver the best possible product. We guarantee that we constantly work to improve and update EarlyBird, and we usually ship new product features weekly. Moreover, we will announce new features and updates on our blog, newsletter, and social media channels as they become available.

I'm distraught you aren't doing what I want!

We understand that our users may have different needs and priorities, and we apologize if we cannot accommodate every request. We strive to make EarlyBird the best it can be for all of our users, but we may only be able to fulfill some individual requests. However, we appreciate all feedback, and we will do our best to provide alternative solutions. We value your input and ask that you reach out to our support team at [email protected] with any specific concerns or suggestions.

Is there a public roadmap for what's coming next?

We totally understand that it can be helpful to have a clear sense of what's coming next, and we will do our best to keep our users informed. We have a public roadmap in Kanban format, which clearly differentiates the Proposal, Planning, and Work in Progress boards. We also have a help center which is updated regularly.

Once again, we appreciate your interest and support as we work to improve EarlyBird.