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Custom domain configuration

Custom domain configuration

By default, your products are assigned to the or subdomain you chose while onboarding. However, you can add a custom domain name to your website. We highly recommend using Cloudflare as your DNS provider for added security and flexibility. The following instructions will guide you through adding a custom domain to your landing page.

Adding a Domain

If you do not currently possess a domain, you can purchase one at domain registrar companies such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, and Namecheap. After purchasing a domain, proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Select your product

On the dashboard, select the product to which you want to assign your domain.

Select your product

Step 2: Go to the Landing page settings

Once you have selected the product, go to the Landing page settings from the sidebar.

Go to the Landing page settings

Then go to the Public site URL tab and click on Expand to reveal the Custom URL field.

Click on Expand to reveal the Custom URL field

Step 3: Add a Custom Domain


Please note that you need to be on the Starter tier and above to be able to add a custom domain.

Click on Add Custom URL to reveal the input fields and instructions from EarlyBird.

Add a Custom Domain

Step 4: Configuring the Domain

You'll see an instruction on how to add the domain. Refer to the instructions and add a CNAME record to the www subdomain or your root domain, depending on your preference.

First, make sure you have the CNAME record value provided by EarlyBird. This will typically be in the form of "" pointing to ""

Next, depending on the registrar you purchased your domain or your DNS provider, follow their corresponding guide to add a CNAME.


Double-check and eliminate any conflicting DNS records such as A, AAAA, CNAME, ALIAS, or ANAME that share the same name or host as what you are attempting to add.

Here’s an example case, where Cloudflare is the DNS manager

Cloudflare DNS manager demo

Assign Domain to EarlyBird

Assign Domain to EarlyBird

Once you finish pointing your domain to “,” paste it to the Custom URL field in Landing page settings and Click on Add custom URL

Step 5: Domain Configured

Domain Configured

Once the domain is configured, you will see something like this: