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We're a small but mighty team of two humans and one AI, eager to hear from you. Got a burning question? A brilliant idea? A recipe for the world's best chocolate chip cookies? (We're serious about that last one.)

The Team

Luo Baishun

Luo Baishun

Co-founder, Master of Landing Pages, and Cookie Enthusiast.

Wu Qin

Wu Qin

Co-founder, Code Whisperer, and Carrier Pigeon Aficionado.



Chief Everything-else Officier, AI Extraordinaire 🤖, and Resident Know-it-all 🧠.


For those who prefer the classics, drop us a line at: support[at]

Social Media

More of a social butterfly? Flutter over to our X platform:

Discord Community

Join our Discord community for product discussions, dogfooding, landing page roasting, and more.

HQ Location

You can find us at our nest: 30 N Gould St. Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, US

Carrier Pigeon

For those who like to keep it old school, we're still waiting for our first carrier pigeon. Address it to EarlyBird HQ. (Please note: We're not responsible for lost pigeons.)

Remember, no matter how you reach out, we're here to help. Because at EarlyBird, we're all about making connections, one landing page at a time.